Re-Recording R-Red Shoes!

Ross Hancock at the controls.

From the desk of Scott McGinn:

I decided to re-record “Red Shoes,“ a song I recorded with my band FACE DANCER some years earlier because it’s a great rock and roll song, and I didn’t feel like it ever got the global attention it could have gotten.

The record company had – how shall I put this? – some “issues” with the band and our management at the time, and kind of just gave up on the project. I believe that by having a video for the song and having it available in digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, more people will get to hear it and enjoy it.

And hopefully they’ll pay 99 cents to download it.

Although I would have loved to make some rhythmic changes in the song- and maybe someday I will – I decided that doing a fairly spot on copy would work better for my present purposes.

The original singer for “Red Shoes,” Carey Kress, had died of pancreatic cancer in 2009. Steve Hancock who sang for me in my band THIS WORLD (and who is the singer for FD AUTOMATIC) studied Carey’s stylings and delivers a terrific interpretation. He has become “my voice” in a lot of the songs I’m composing now.

“Red Shoes 2014” was recorded by Ross Hancock in his studio. Steve sang the lead vocal; I played bass and sang some back-ups.

Aaron White provided a “ guide” guitar while we laid down the rhythm tracks. Aaron is a talented guitarist but – just as important to me – he’s just a great guy to work with. He will be featured on more songs in the future with FD AUTOMATIC.

Buffalo Lee Jordan played drums.

Robert Fiester played lead and rhythm guitars.

Several years earlier, Lee had played drums for me at a nightclub reunion show, and I wanted to play the song slower than previously recorded. He did a great job, but unknown to me- until later- was harassed by some fans because HE played the song TOO SLOW! Well, there shouldn’t be any question about it now. Lee did a great job on the new version. He even added his own little twist. Can you spot it?

By the way, the Buffalo also has a keen gig with rising country star, Ashley Forrest!
And he’s a good friend.

Robert Fiester is one of the finest guitarists I’ve ever had a chance to work with and he did a wonderful job of re-creating Jeff Adams’ and Ritchie Wise’s original guitar work. You can catch him playing currently with R&B maven, Patty Reese.

Aaron and Steve also perform from time to time in their band SMASH FACTORY.

But the main reason I wanted to re-record “Red Shoes” has something to do with what a good friend said to me when discussing how to move ahead with my music and that was to “re-imagine” how to perform it and how to present it.

So, in association with Steve Hancock, FD AUTOMATIC is the first step towards building…I mean, “re-imagining” our musical careers.

“She had Red Shoes. I couldn’t believe it.”